When we look at the telescope we see stars and galaxies. When we look at the microscope we look at cells and atoms. The purpose of this website is to have you look at the other side of the telescope, you! In an exponentially fast changing world, the only place left to innovate is you, is me, is all of us.  Let’s look at the other side of the microscope and explore wellbeing and changemaking for the good of all.

To start the about me with a “hello” does not seem appropriate enough because it does not capture the gratitude that I want to express for having you here. 

“Everything happens for a reason, and the reason is for us to learn and grow from what happens.”

One of the main reasons I started this website is to serve everyone by sharing some of my experiences but more importantly this website is about a world wide shift that needs to be happening. A shift from compulsiveness to conciseness, from sympathy to compassion, from untruth to truth. This shift first has to happen within each and everyone of us, and it has to be conscious. If you are a person who sees the importance of this and is willing to bring this about please reach out because together we can bring this shift. The only way out is in!

Amongst many things I will be covering in this website, some main topics include the following:

The first section is called Seeker’s Journey, and it is for those of you who are seeking to deepen your relationship with truth, presence, spirituality, universe, god, purpose, love, consciousness, or whatever you want to call it. In order for you to create any type of change in the outside world, first there needs to be change in their inside world. Even thought I’m a very dedicated seeker, I do not claim to be much knowing in this realm, but I will be sharing my own experiences, struggles, and day to day life situations with lessons and insights that might relate to you.

Changemaker’s Journey is the section that shares the lessons and experiences from my work to change and improve the outside world. Here you can find tips and trick to start your Changemaker Journey and learn the key steps that you need to advance in this journey. Working at Ashoka, I’m always surrounded by world’s leading system changing social entrepreneurs and many times that have incredible insights on how to change the world which I will be sharing with you.

And the others section, where I will be commenting on events, sharing inspirational content from my influencers, and more. The only caveat is that all the content is will be solution focused, towards the good of all, and hopefully with maximum benefit for you! 

Changing the world by changing ourselves